Nowadays our skin is often exposed various impurities and pollution, and thus gets damages, dry or too oily.

Also our skin is damaging because of the aging, and because of that many are turning to different expensive cosmetic creams and other treatments.

But, forget spending time and money at your local spa. The secret to great skin is as close as your kitchen! Pamper yourself with these simple, homemade facial masks.

It is about a French homemade face mask that will refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Here is how you can prepare it:

1. Reasons for feeling tired

As we mentioned above our skin is often exposed to various of harmful elements which damage it and make it either dry or to oily. Plus, the lack of sleep, ageing and other factors that cause much harm to the face makes the skin loose, wrinkled and the facial skin also loses its natural color.

In these modern world filled with everything, there are many kinds of cosmetics and chemical based products that proudly claim to rejuvenate the skin in a way no other thing can. But all of us know that chemicals do more harm to our skin than anything else and that’s why the best solution for our skin is the natural way.

That’s why here we present you something that is made up purely of natural things and you can make easily this homemade face mask in your kitchen and apply whenever you feel necessary.


2. Ingredients and their benefits

The following ingredients that you’ll need are:

– French Green Clay – 1 table spoon
– Coconut/ Oat/Almond flour – 1 teaspoon
– Egg Yolk – 1 egg
– Water or Aloe Vera Juice – 3 teaspoons

When it comes to the French Clay, you may haven’t heard of him, but it is full of minerals like zinc, silica and copper and rich in calcium. It detoxifies the skin of all the harmful things; the grainy texture of the clay tends to exfoliate the skin, tightens the skin surface and removing the dead skin cells.

2FC214D800000578-3383018-image-m-22_1451852177616When it comes to the coconut flour, it is important to know that acts as the gentle cleanser along with the grainy clay. Its antioxidant properties are well known and since it is made from fresh coconut, it is extremely beneficial to the skin. Eggs are rich in protein and are known to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles and other spots on the face.