If you are amongst the many people who have brown areas on the skin, there is a solution for you. These brown spots or age spots typically appear on the face area, limbs, shoulders, and hands. You ought to understand that they increase as individuals age.

There are different reasons the brown areas appear, but the perpetrator seems to be excessive sun exposure. Melanin is accountable for making the skin darker when you expose your skin to the sun. For this reason, the more you like tanning, the quicker melanin appears in your body. In the areas where melanin has actually been overactive, the brown areas appear.

Fortunately, the brown spots aren’t anything severe. There are uncommon cases where the brown spot will turn into cancer, such as when they alter color and shape. For that reason, routine self-examinations are the best way to track changes and avoid an undesirable result.

Moreover, it is rather easy to obtain rid of the unattractive brown spots. The following technique requires only two fundamental components that will only take you a few minutes to prepare. Apple cider vinegar and fresh onion juice are exceptionally useful for the skin. The onion juice removes scars and secures the outer skin layer, while apple cider vinegar is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids, which function as natural exfoliants and remove the dead skin layers. This mixture is so effective that you will be surprised by the results.

Anti-Age Spot Mix


  • 1 fresh onion
  • 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar


You need to initially slice the onion then, put it in a Ziploc bag. Next, pulverize it utilizing a blunt surface and put it into a mixer. Then, add the apple cider vinegar and blend well up until you get a homogenous mixture. In order to utilize this remedy, soak a cotton ball in the mixture and use it on the brown spot. You ought to repeat this process every day for 2-4 weeks.

Preventing Brown Spots

Luckily, you can avoid brown spots from appearing by decreasing the time you invest exposed to the sun and always use sunscreen, even in winter. Moreover, you ought to avoid tanning beds.

Source: www.unknownremedy.com