Chamomile, scientifically known as Matricaria recutita and also called German chamomile, is normally employed by natural healers to treat digestive disorders, colds, muscle spasms, skin rashes, inflamed gums and infections. But it is the herb’s ability to reduce anxiety, elevate mood and combat insomnia that is presently of particular interest to medical researchers.

Researchers have discovered that one constituent of chamomile tea works on the brain in a way similar to that of the benzodiazepines, a group of anxiolytic – or anxiety-reducing drugs – that include Xanax and Valium. Not only can these drugs cause unpleasant side effects such as, headaches, confusion, trembling, dizziness and nightmares – but they can be physically addictive.

Chamomile, on the other hand, helps to soothe jangled nerves and to promote restful sleep – without the risk of harmful side effects or physical habituation.


8 Ways Chamomile Tea Might Improve Your Health


1. Enhancement of sleep. Chamomile tea is best called a tool for enhancing sleep. It is known for its relaxing and calming homes. You have to take it prior to falling asleep.

2. Digestive Help. Chamomile assists with numerous stomach problems. It soothes discomfort in the stomach, eliminates irritable bowel syndrome and helps to eliminate harmful compounds from the body. Along with peppermint, chamomile is typically included in the structure of tea to improve food digestion.

3. Menstrual pain. Ancient Egyptians used chamomile for the relief of menstrual pain. Modern medicine has actually also started to do it. In one research study it was discovered that the usage of chamomile tea has increased the level of glycine in the urine, the compound that soothes muscle spasms. Researchers think that chamomile tea therefore can help to alleviate menstrual pain.

4. Hemorrhoid Relief. In among the studies, it was found that rubbing daisies onto your body aid with piles.

5. Cold Relief. Chamomile has the capability to reinforce the immune system and helps to combat colds due to its anti-bacterial residential or commercial properties.

6. Healing of injuries. Egyptians, Romans and Greeks utilized chamomile flowers with hot compresses on injuries for their quick healing. In one research study, rats were provided an extract of chamomile water, after which their injuries healed faster.

7. Aids with diabetes. In one research study it revealed that daily usage of chamomile tea avoids the advancement of complications in diabetes and hyperglycemia.

8. Cancer. Laboratory research studies show possible properties that protect against particular kinds of cancer which are due to certain flavonoids consisted of in Chamomile.