Nicotine is the chemical that makes cigarettes and smoking so hard to quit, nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals known to man and it has been smoked all over the world for centuries. Nicotine is a stimulant that can block nerve and muscle cells from proper functioning. The tobacco plant produces nicotine that can raise heartbeat, blood pressure and can even increase your risk of a stroke.

Even with all of the smoking bans, health warnings and science to prove how harmful nicotine can be, people still choose to smoke. One can also chew tobacco, which is less harmful but still contains nicotine. If you smoke it is possible to flush nicotine out of your system by eating certain foods. There is more than one way to do this with different foods, read on to find out how.

1. Broccoli

Broccoli contains high levels of vitamin B5 and C, B vitamins are responsible for regulating many important processes in your body. Lack of vitamins can mean your body does not respond optimally. Eating broccoli replenishes vitamin C and keeps your metabolism peaked and also keeps your lungs protected from toxins. Broccoli contains gene NRF2 that protects the lungs cells from being attacked.

2. Oranges

Oranges contain cyrptoxanthin, which also helps prevent lung cancer. Oranges are also rich in vitamin C which help your lungs effectively transport oxygen throughout your body. Orange Peels help provide support against respiratory distress. The peel has a lung cleansing effect that helps break down and expel congestion. Orange juice regularly relives stress and boost metabolism. They also contain Carotenoids, which is an orange antioxidant pigment. Carotenoids are found in fruits and vegetables characterized with orange and red colors. This antioxidant helps cut the risks of developing lung cancer.

3. Carrot Juice

If you smoke, then you should know that every time you light a cigarette the nicotine remains in your body for three days.

Nicotine also damages your skin. Carrot juice is good for the skin, and it rich in vitamins A, C, K and B, that are proven to be efficient in removing the nicotine from the body.

4. Spinach

Spinach contains folic acids or Vitamin B9 that are known to remove nicotine from the body. Nicotine can interrupt normal sleeping patterns and smokers often suffer interrupted sleep patterns due to nicotine. Folic acids are also essential to take when trying to combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms as they play a vital role in mental and emotional wellbeing.

5. Kiwifruit

This miracle fruit will help you eliminate the nicotine from your body. Kiwifruit is a rich source of vitamins A, C and E. When you smoke, the levels of these vitamins reduce.

6. Tomato

Eat one tomato a day for beautiful skin. Lycopene works by protecting the skin from UV damage, heals the skin and makes skin glows from the high antioxidant content.

7. Water

Make sure you are always drinking water. When you smoke your body becomes dehydrated. You can hydrate your body back to normal, and flush out all the nicotine by drinking a lot of water. When you breathe through your nose, you inhale moisturized air, or vapor. When you breathe through your mouth too much, you are receiving dry air. One of the important reasons we have noses!

Your lungs also need to stay moisturized. Drinking water will help your lungs receive the proper amount of moisture they need to operate.

Working out in water helps strengthen your body in multiples ways. Due to the resistance it puts on your body when you attempt to do regular dry land exercises, it makes your body work overtime to supply enough oxygen. However we will talk more about exercising later in this post.