You are looking for a super healthy food. We have something for you. Try dates. Their healthy properties will relieve you from many health problems including strokes, hypertension or cholesterol.

It is because they are rich in nutrients that will boost your metabolism. Here you will find out why they are healthy and good to be included in our daily menu.


8 Health Benefits of Dates


1. Loaded in Iron

Of course, dates are an excellent source of iron, contains 0. 90 mg/100 g of fruits which is about 11% of the Required Dietary Intake. This iron determines the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood


2. Prevention of Diarrhea

Ripe dates contain potassium which is known to be very effective in controlling diarrhea they are also easy to digest which helps to alleviate the unpredicted nature of chronic diarrhea.

3. Relieve Constipation

Dates have the ability to relieve diarrhea and constipation. Add dates to water overnight and drink the juice in the morning to enhance proper digestion. It has a laxative effect, but mild.

4. Balance body weight

Consuming dates on an empty tummy will work to prevent excess fat tissue in the body. Dates work great in helping you maintain healthy weight. They do this due to having no cholesterol, however, they contain sugar, so eat them in moderation.

5. Regulate cholesterol

Dates help to maintain stable LDL/bad cholesterol levels in the blood and works to eliminate cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels, which prevents serious blood clots.

6. Support Heart Health

The only thing you should do is place dates in some water and allow it to stay overnight. The next morning, strain the fruit and remove its seeds. Also, you can blend and consume the seeds.

7. Control Blood Pressure

Dates are high in potassium, but low in sodium. Hence, they are an excellent food choice for high blood pressure sufferers. There is about 80 mg magnesium in 5-6 dates. It is well-know fact that this mineral can spread the blood vessels as well as enhance the blood flow. Plus, taking 370 mg of magnesium can reduce blood pressure levels.

8. Prevent Stroke

The regular consumption of dates can support the nervous system function and lower the risk of experiencing stroke thanks to their high potassium content. Furthermore, the recommended daily amount of this mineral is 400 mg.