We all know what has to be done for health and mental balance too. Eating whole grains, NO SUGAR, NO SODA and daily workouts.

Sadly, most of us eat fast food, get semi-done meals with no nutrients and we eat same, over and over. Mainly soy, corn, wheat, rice…

You have to eat more healthy! Foods are medicines, so choose carefully.

1. Ginger for aching muscles

Danish study said ginger daily can reduce joint and muscle pain, swelling by 63%. Gingerols stop pain so get a tsp ginger every day.

2. Cloves for tooth torment

UCLA specialists prescribe clove biting for gum and teeth torment. It is soporific and has eugenol. Include ¼ tsp cloves in the feast and control glucose and cholesterol.

3. ACV for acid reflux

Taste a spoon ACV in 8 oz water before a feast. Indigestion will be gone in a day. MD Brasco Joseph, master for gastro medication from Colon and stomach related infections focus, Huntsville, AL said Acv has tartaric and malic corrosive for absorption of fats and proteins.

4. Garlic for ear pain

To eliminate your ear pain, you will need 2 drops of garlic oil. Apply this in your ear and repeat the procedure for 5 days.

Garlic is considered as better than meds because it contains powerful active compounds, sulfur and selenium, known for their ability to eliminate pain as well as bacteria. To prepare the oil, you should simmer 3 cloves with ½ tablespoon of olive oil for 2 minutes.

5. Cherries for joint pain and headache

Headache, arthritis, and gout are the most common conditions that a number of people experience every day. Cherries can help you to treat your headache and joint pain.

All you have to do is to eat a bowl of cherries on a daily basis. According to a study, cherries are even 10 times better than ibuprofen and aspirin.

6. Fish and belly pain

Consuming 18 oz of fish every week can treat acid reflux, IBD, and IBS. You can devour sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna, trout and salmon. Barry Sears, a biology expert, guarantees that EPA and DHA are best solutions for irritation, causing no negative reactions. Fish can forestall irritations, stomach pain and cramps.

7. Yogurt for PMS

While having PMS, the nervous system is delicate and can change the levels of estrogen and progesterone. It is assessed that over 80% of females have PMS.

2 measures of yogurt a day can facilitate the PMS side effects by 48%. Mary Jane Minkin, MD says that this beverage is high in calcium which can relieve nerves and hormonal torment.

8. Turmeric for chronic aches

It is deductively demonstrated that turmeric is 3 times more viable than naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin. As indicated by the specialists of Cornell, turmeric can relieve pain by 50% for fibromyalgia. It is prescribed to take ¼ teaspoon turmeric a day with meat, poultry, rice and vegetables.

9. Oats for endometrial pain

Endometriosis is uterus covering that can develop outwards and cause an extreme torment. Oats can eliminate the pain by 60%. Oats are gluten-free; in this way efficiently treat irritation.

10. Salt for feet pain

So as to treat diseases, douse the ingrown nails in salty warm water and rehash this process for 4 days. Salt eliminates the bacteria, germs, inflammation and swelling. Include 1 teaspoon of salt in some water, and put your feet it for 20 minutes.

11. Pineapple for digestion

California Stanford university experts claimed 1 cup pineapple juice removes bloating in 3 days and has enzymes for better protein digestion in the gut.

12. Mint for sore muscles

If not cured, knots get worse. The naturopath Stengler Mark ND and author of the Natural physician’s healing Therapies claimed that you can relax muscles in warm water soaks and 10 mint oil drops. Also this works better by 25% than painkillers.