Getting enough iron is a health concern that many women have, but it’s also one that men may also have too.

Depending on dietary choices, activities, hormones, and overall health, a person’s iron levels can vary during the course of their lives for many reasons.

Iron is an essential part of hemoglobin which makes up red blood cell tissues.

Like all minerals, you need iron for optimal health, but you should be careful about where you get your daily iron from and how much you consume.

Iron is also especially important for athletes since it delivers necessary oxygen to the muscles to fuel grueling workouts.

Iron even supports metabolic function because it makes up the protein in the body known as myoglobin. This protein provides oxygen to the muscle tissues helping to boost energy and aid in proper growth and repair of the body’s muscles and connective tissues.

The bottom line is that without iron, you simply cannot function at optimal levels. Anemia is not the only condition associated with low iron levels. Mental fogginess, depression, and even injury can all be associated with too little iron in your diet. However, popping an iron supplement may not be the best option for your health.

That’s why we present you 14 veggies with high content of iron.

1. Lentils

Beans and lentils (a legume) are both great sources of iron. If you love beans, then eat plenty of them, but if you don’t, then be sure to try lentils instead. Lentils are possibly one of the best sources of iron in a vegan diet, containing 8 percent of your needs in just a 1/4 cup serving. Add a little to a lunch salad, cook some up with some of your favorite condiments to serve as a side dish

2. Spinach

Popeye’s favorite iron booster. Leafy, dark greens loaded with tons of iron. Three cups of spinach contain 18 mg of iron, more than an 8 oz steak. Correspondingly, 1 spinach salad is enough to meet the body’s daily amount requirement.

3. Broccoli

Not only a great source of iron but also a variety of other essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, and magnesium. Moreover, vitamin C improves the body’s absorption ability and will for iron.

4. Kale

3 cups of kale contain 3.6 mg iron. Since of this, kale assists the body to ward off tiredness and anemia. If you don’t like it raw, you can include it to your soup, salad or burger.

5. Bok Choy

1 cup of Bok Choy brings 1.8 mg of iron. You can either sauté it or steam it, your choice. A scrumptious cabbage with Chinese origins, loaded with vitamin A.

6. Baked Potato

One large, baked potato is x3 times the iron of 3 oz chicken serving. Make a scrumptious mix with steamed broccoli, a bit of melted cheese and leading it with yogurt.

7. Sesame seeds

1 tbsp of sesame seeds holds 1.3 mg iron and can be easily carried out into any diet. You can utilize it as a dressing, mix them in salsa or any sauce, or spray them over your salad.

8. Cashews

Not only are they really abundant in proteins like other nuts, however also exclusively pumped with iron. 1/2 a cup of cashews contains 4 gr of iron!

9. Soybeans

Similar to cashews, the soybeans are a rich source of both iron and protein. In truth, they are on the Top 20 highest in protein veggie food list.

1 cup of soybeans includes 8-9 mg iron.

10. Chickpeas

A crunchy treat when roasted in olive oil, a savory dish when combined with feta, cucumber, and tomatoes. Anyhow, 1 cup of chickpeas offers 4.7 mg iron, which is more than a 1/2 of the suggested daily intake for adult males.

11. Dark Chocolate

Not just sweet however helpful too. The dark chocolate reduces stress and anxiety, promotes healthier teeth and skin and increases the iron consumption in the body.

1 oz of dark chocolate includes 2-3 mg iron, which is the equivalent of 1 oz of beef.

12. Swiss Chard

1 cup of swiss chards holds 4 mg of iron, which is more than a 6 oz hamburger. Likewise, is a significant source of necessary nutrients such as folates, omega-3 acids and vitamins K, A, and C.

13. Tofu

1/2 a cup of Tofu has 3 mg iron. There are a variety of various uses of Tofu, you’ll have to discover your more effective one and enjoy its’ advantages.

14. Kidney Beans

1 cup of kidneys contains 3-4 mg iron. The vegetarian chili superstar, a healthy component frequently utilized with other meat alternatives.