Absolutely nothing spreads bacteria and germs better then holiday travel. Take countless people from all over the country and even world intersecting at airports, going shopping malls and party’s (right in the middle of cold and flu season) and you have perfect conditions for getting ill. Luckily there is Oregano Essential oil to assist neutralize germs and germs, increase your body’s immune reaction and ease pain/inflammation, among other advantages. Let’s take a more detailed look at why you should include Oregano Essential oil to your travel set.


Oregano Oil Health Benefits


Absolutely nothing can spoil a getaway (or possibly efficient business meeting abroad) faster than a cold or influenza. Whenever we step onto an airplane, train or bus we encounter the germs of everyone else around us. It is unavoidable. This is why, in addition to dehydration, we get ill so often when we travel. The close proximity to others and the dry, recycled air we breath (which dries up our mucus glands) makes acting to avoid getting ill essential. For general upkeep, consume 3 drops (you can add this to water, tea, etc.) internally 2-3x daily.


If you feel the start of a cold or influenza take 6 drops of Oregano Essential oil, followed by 3 drops every hour up to 10 hours each day. You can likewise use Oregano Essential oil topically to relieve muscle pains related to colds or influenza’s (which we will talk about further later). Natural antibiotics like Oregano Essential oils are not susceptible to antibiotic resistance with several use like standard antibiotics.

Oregano Essential oil can likewise be utilized topically to eliminate against Shingles, Warts and Herpes (consisting of cold sores). Due to its strength, Oregano Essential oil is finest applied in mix with a provider oil (on sensitive locations integrate 1 drop of Oregano Essential oil to 1 tablespoon of provider oil and test on a little location initially). If you discover your skin has the ability to endure a more powerful mixture, it can be included straight to the affected location with either a clean finger, or preferably, a Q-tip or cotton swab.

Food Poisoning: One key reason to keep Oregano Essential oil in your travel kit (especially when traveling globally) is its effectiveness in eliminating gastrointestinal disorder. If you feel signs you believe are connected with gastrointestinal disorder, ingest 3 drops per hour for as much as 10 hours each day or when signs decrease.



Anybody suffering from arthritis, bursitis or simply general muscle discomfort knows how travel can intensify these signs. Often individuals struggling with such unpleasant conditions prevent travel all together due to the fact that of the physical pain associated with it. Nevertheless, using Oregano Essential oil topically to affected areas can cause a decrease of pain and inflammation. The oils capability to deeply penetrate muscle tissues, makes it ideal for bringing relief from swellings, sprains, torn and sore muscles, tendonitis, cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and other comparable injuries which can be exacerbated by travel. While you can use Oregano Essential oil directly to your skin, it is often blended with a carrier oil (3 drops of carrier oil per 1 drop of Oregano Essential oil).



Traveling to certain areas, particularity at specific times of the year, can be really hindered by bug and insect bites. A beautiful camping trip or hike in the mountains can take an abrupt turn for the even worse if you occur to be bitten by a poisonous animal such as a snake or spider. Using Oregano Essential oil straight to the bite is an effective emergency treatment treatment for venomous bites from snakes, spiders or bee stings. You can likewise increase the efficiency by ingesting a couple of drops. The oil will penetrate deep into the bite and kill the pathogens and contaminants from the venom, bringing both pain relief and decreasing swelling.