In order to keep our body in order and functioning well, it is necessary to have certain habits in our daily life, such as food, such as choosing wisely the food we intake and do some exercising. In this article, you will find a delicious shake which will help you keep your organism running at one hundred percent. It deflates the belly , cleans the colon and eliminates the fat accumulated in your organism.

Without any doubt, losing weight is always considered an extremely difficult task.


The shake that we will teach you to prepare next, basically consists of two essential ingredients: papaya and oats. This extraordinary blend is capable of performing miracles. With this oatmeal and papaya juice, not only can you lose weight, but it will also serve you to completely clean your digestive system , eliminate any kind of toxins and bacteria accumulated.


-Half a cup of gluten-free oatmeal in foil.
-¾ cup of papaya, chopped into squares.
-Half a cup of water or organic almond milk.
-¼ tablespoon cinnamon powder or a tablespoon vanilla essence (brings a sensational flavor).

By having all these ingredients, just add them in the blender and blend. If you notice that the shake has become too bitter, you can add some honey to sweeten it.

It is advisable to take a glass of this preparation every morning , to start your day with maximum energy.

Here are some benefits of taking this shake in the morning:

-Cleanses your arteries and eliminates cholesterol
-Gives you energy
-Eliminates any type of gastric lesions
-Combats tiredness and stress
-Detoxifies your organism
-Lowers your blood sugar levels
-It reduces the risk of suffering any type of heart disease

Undoubtedly, we speak of a natural remedy extremely powerful and effective in dealing with a myriad of illnesses and diseases. In addition, this smoothie is not at all costly, and its ingredients are extremely easy to get in any market near you.