Those who want to accelerate the process of skin tanning this summer have several options to do this in a completely natural way.

You need to keep in mind that these means do not contain a protective factor, so you need to carefully expose yourself to the sun.

It is advisable to apply them early in the morning and afternoon after 6 pm when the sun is not so strong, and in the meantime to protect yourself with an appropriate factor.

Olive oil

In 100 ml olive oil, add 1 drop of iodine solution and fresh juice of 1 carrot. Mix the mixture before each use.

Mixture with walnuts and carrots

Make 1 carrot, place a few sliced nuts with a decoction (it would be great if you found green nuts) and fill with 200 ml of olive oil. Leave the mixture in a jar, well closed, about 2 weeks. Knead before and after sunbathing.

Marigold ointment

The natural marigold ointment contains SPF 4, further accelerates tanning, and keeps skin healthy and elastic.

Avocado oil

It is recommended for those with dry skin because it prevents wrinkles and pigmentation problems.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter can be purchased from bio pharmacies and larger supermarkets. Apply it to the skin before and after sunbathing.