Garlic, coming from the family of Liliaceae, comes from Central Asia, possibly from Kyrgyz, however has actually been cultivated given that ancient times in the Mediterranean basin and now in temperate zones worldwide.

It is a vibrant herbaceous plant, due to its bulb or head, composed of a dozen teeth covered in a silky white membrane, organized circlularly around the root stem.

The stem has to do with 40 cm high and is round flat and grooved on the underside.

The flowers are white or pink, and are organized in a terminal umbel, which is then closed in a pill with an extremely long pointer.


General usage of garlic

Lots of ancient people used garlic for thousands of years as food and medication. Among its most popular usages was throughout the Middle Ages, when it was thought about extremely reliable versus the plague.

In 1858 Louis Pasteur formally studied the antibiotic homes of garlic Dr. Albert Schweitzer utilized the plant to effectively treat cholera, typhus, and dysentery in Africa in the 1950s. Before prescription antibiotics were available, it was utilized as a treatment for wounds throughout the 2 world wars.

Garlic is now a natural remedy for a vast array of diseases ranging from atherosclerosis, stroke, cancer, immune disorders, brain aging, arthritis and even cataracts; Perhaps due to the fact that it is loaded with vitamins, minerals and other effective antioxidants.

Lots of individuals do not like garlic due to the fact that of its smell, but garlic works precisely because it “stinks”: its explosive scent comes from its more active ingredient, the high, which is changed into numerous organosulfur compounds, which reduce in Oxidation, inflammation and other cellular destruction procedures underlying each of the “major persistent illness” listed by the scientists.

Slimming garlic

Slimming Garlic # 1:

Peel a raw tooth and divided it into several pieces. Swallow it with a glass of water as if it were a medication (i.e, without chewing) on an empty stomach. This dish has actually the added virtue that can assist you fight cholesterol and hypertension.

Slimming garlic #2:

Boil 3 cups of water and, when it reaches the boiling point, pour 3 cloves of formerly peeled and chopped garlic and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Let it cool and take it throughout the day.

Slimming Garlic # 3:

Pour 1 clove garlic, chopped raw in a cup of boiling water. Cover and let cool. Include the juice of a lemon and take on an empty stomach

Preventative measures:

Garlic can be really annoying to the gastrointestinal system. Extreme consumption (normally more than 5 cloves of garlic a day) can trigger bloating, extreme bloating, stomach pains, diarrhea as well as red cell injury.

Garlic travels through the lungs and circulatory stream, providing an intense odor of breath, skin and perspiration. The smell can be present in between 4 and 18 hours. One method to counteract this smell is to consume parsley.