Dry skin is a common skin problem that affects a lot of people worldwide. Most body lotions and even prescribed ointments and creams are rarely effective. Not only are they rarely effective, but they are also expensive.

So, those suffering from dry skin are looking for a solution that would not be toxic to their skin but that would be potent enough to help fight the problem.

Namely, a combination of raw, organic coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils can do the trick. You are probably familiar with the incredible health benefits of coconut oil. However, you may be doubtful about the effect of coconut oil on your skin. Simply apply a bit of coconut oil on your skin before going to bed or after taking a shower. You will be amazed by the results. After one week, you will realize that coconut oil is one of the best all-natural skin care products.

You may have read many sources that essential oils can help heal, calm, and enhance your overall health. In fact, the combination of coconut oil and essential oils has an ability to enhance your skin health.

The recipe presented below includes photosensitive essential oils, which means that they react in the sun. That’s why you should only use this creamy, moisturizing body butter at night and rinse it off in the morning.

Citrus Nighttime Body Butter Recipe


– 1 cup of organic coconut oil
– 4-5 drops of orange essential oil
– 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil
– Zest of half an organic orange
– Zest of half an organic lemon
– Zest of half an organic lime


1. Warm the coconut oil slightly in a pan so that it becomes soft an pliable. Then place in a mixing bowl and stir so that all the lumps are gone, add the zest from all the fruits and continue to stir.
2. Add all the essential oils ans stir thoroughly. Place in the refrigerator and let it cool so that it is solid, but not too hard.
3. Finally, when the solution is cool, use a blender to whip air into the mixture, this will give it a fluffy texture, perfect for applying easily to the skin.

Use as and when you feel your skin needs an extra vitality boost!