You should detoxify your body in order to eliminate harmful toxins from your system as well as get an excellent start on your clean-eating plan.

In addition, beet kvass is an ancient Eastern European drink with potent medicinal properties. It is a fizzy, rich tonic originally made by fermenting stale bread.

Beetroots are used as kvass base in this recipe. Moreover, they are a nutritious veggie that can be used in various homemade remedies. They are beneficial for detoxifying and molecular binding for toxin elimination. They are also useful for purifying the blood and cleansing the kidneys and liver. They can also help improve digestion.

Furthermore, in Russia, kvass is typically made with stale rye bread. Like any other drink or food, kvass is prepared in multiple ways in different regions. Beet kvass is usually used in vinaigrettes, soups, and borscht.

Here Is Why You Should Consume Beet Kvass:

As soon as beetroot ferments into kvass, the process significantly heightens its nutritional value, providing gut support with the addition of enzymes and healthy probiotic bacteria. 4 oz. beet kvass shot consumed twice on a daily basis will make an excellent blood tonic that will improve digestion, alkalizes the blood, promotes regularity, and cleanses the liver. If you want to try this medicinal tonic, then use the below recipe for beet kvass.

Beet Kvass Recipe

The process of making your own beet kvass will take a few minutes. But, you have to let it ferment for a few days. You will get 6 servings of beet kvass from the following recipe:.


– 4 beetroots
– 1 of Himalayan salt
– Purified water
– Flavouring (Optional): orange, lemon, spices, or ginger
– Glass jar


Wash the beets but you can leave the skin. Then, chop them into small cubes and put them in the glass jar. Next, fill the jar with the water and leave an inch of space at the top of the jar. At the end, add the salt and the flavoring. Cover the jar with a towel or a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. Leave the jar in your kitchen at room temperature for 5 days. Remove any sum that will be created on the top.

You will know that your beet kvass is ready when it has a deep, red color and you begin to see fizzy bubbles along the top of the liquid. Remove the cloth and replace with lid. Close lid tight and transfer the jar to your fridge to let it continue fermenting.

Once the tonic is ready, you can consume between 3 and 4 ounces twice per day, to cleanse your system and restore regularity to your bowel movements.

Beet kvass is simple to make and is one of the quickest ways for healing your body. If you are ready to improve your health and cleanse your liver and kidneys while restoring digestive health—start making your own beet kvass. The detoxifying impact will make you feel better.