Back pain is one of the most common ailments today.

It’s caused by improper body posture, long standing/sitting hours, etc. read this article to learn more about the most efficient way to relieve back pain. Our tips will also help you relieve the pain in your knees and hips.


Feet matter

Your feet carry you everywhere you go. They balance your body, regulate your posture, and control pain. But, most people pick the wrong footwear, and affect their normal function. Improper footwear leads to walking issues and deformations. Did you know that improper footwear increases the risk of falling? This was more common in the 80s and 90s.

Your feet bear the pressure of your body, and balance it. Pain disrupts this balance, and you can’t walk normally.

Be more active, and work on your muscles. This will also provide an optimal blood flow and prevent balance issues.

This balance plays a major part in your body posture, and aligns your bones and muscles. Women are more likely to suffer from lower back pain as they wear heels more often.

Try the following foot exercises, and relieve your pain instantly:

1. Toe – Pressing

Before you exercise any part of your body, you need to warm up your toes. By toe pressing you will improve the flow of blood in your feet and in the same time you will relax them. You just have to stand up, bend your knees slightly, grasp the floor with the toes and stay in that position for three seconds. Do this exercise for 10 times, 3 times every day in order to keep your toes young and strong.

2. Toe – Walking

You will strengthen your muscles, ligaments and toes by toe walking as a ballerina for twenty seconds. Standing like that will significantly improve your feet. Do this exercise twice a day, five times with small pause in between. If you notice your balance is not perfect, hold on walls or surfaces but do not worry at all because it will significantly better with practice.

3. Ankle – Circles

Do it to relieve the pain in your knees, hips, and ankles. This pain is a result of improper body posture, and your lower body suffers while walking. Lie on your back, and bend your legs. Extend one of your legs above the body. Rotate the ankle for 10 seconds in each direction. Switch legs. Do your ankle circles twice a day.

4. Resistance band

The muscles in your feet may be tiny, but they support your total body weight. This exercise will ease your walking, so make sure you find a high-quality resistance band.

Sit on the floor, and extend your legs to the front. Wrap one end of your band around a chair, and secure the other end on the top of your feet. Slide back, and you will notice the tension in the band. Flex the food backwards, and hold it in this position for 5 seconds. Release it, and do 10 more repetitions.

5. Toe-Pencil-Grasp

All you have to do is hold a pencil with your toes for 10 seconds. This will strengthen your toes, and you can do it anywhere. Do this 2-3 times a week, and go for 5 repetitions in each foot.

6. Foot massage

Place a tennis ball under your second toe, and move your foot slowly. Do this for 1-3 minutes, and switch legs.

7. Stretching the Heel Tendons with the help of Your Knee

Turn towards a wall in a standing position. Place the right leg in front of you and bend the right knee a little bit. Start moving your hips towards the wall while you keep both of your heels steady on the ground. Hold here for about half a minute, and then relax for another half a minute. Repeat twice, and change the leg.

8. Toe Stretching

While sitting on a chair with the left leg on your right thigh, grab your toes with the right hand and shake them as shaking hands with someone. Then, stretch your toes to the side for 10 seconds. Do this 3 times, and change the foot.

9. Heels

Sit, and stretch your right leg to the front, while keeping your left leg under your thigh. Bend forwards, and grab your toes. Press hem in the opposite directions. Do this for half a minute, and do 2 repetitions with each leg.

10. Upward stretching of legs and toes

Lie on your back, and extend your legs. Use a towel to elevate one of your legs while keeping your knee straight. Pull carefully, and make sure you don’t pull too hard. Do this for 20-30 seconds, and repeat. Switch legs.

Caution: If you deal with a constant pain in your knees, back and hip or if you suffer from severe posture and balance issue, consult your doctor before you do any exercise. If this program is too hard for you, adjust it to your condition.

Your feet have an important role, so take care of them in every way possible.

The following video will give you a detailed guide how to perform these exercises.