Water is the source of life; it affects everything from digestion to memory. The truth is, when we get thirsty, we are already dehydrated by 1-2 percent. Dehydration can lead to maybe health problems such as:

Cancers of the bladder and colon
Urinary tract infections
Kidney stones
Periodontal disease
Headaches and migraines
Impaired athletic performance

Lawrence E. Armstrong, professor of physiology at the University of Connecticut, has particularly studied the results of dehydration on cognitive abilities, memory and psychological stability. In one study, published in The Journal of Nutrition, both males and females were examined when slightly dehydrated. Females reported tiredness, problem concentrating, modifications in state of mind and headaches, while male participants kept in mind increased anxiety and stress, along with bad memory.

Drink up!

Yet we do not need to be at the grace of dehydration and the subsequent health issues. An effective tool for staying hydrated, detoxified and robust is found with water therapy – specifically, taking in a great amount of water early in the day. Ayurveda has long acknowledged the advantages of the practice and named it Usha Paana Chikitsa, which implies “early morning water treatment.” According to Underground Health Press reporter, a strong protocol entails:

1. Upon waking, right away consuming four-six glasses (about 1/2 a liter) of space temperature level, purified water.
2. Refraining from consuming or drinking anything else for one hour prior to and one hour after the therapy.
3. Preventing alcohols the night before.

In the start, you might need space water intake by drinking 4 glasses at the same time, and then waiting a couple of minutes prior to consuming the remaining two.

If you need additional motivation, staying hydrated throughout the day encourages:

Filtration of the colon, causing increased nutrient absorption
Production of brand-new blood and muscle cells
Clear, youthful skin
Weight reduction by improving metabolism up to 24 percent
A healthy lymphatic system, which supports resistance

However, it is very important to maintain electrolyte stability. Taking pleasure in mineral-rich organic infusions like nettle, oat straw, red clover and fresh vegetable juices, in addition to potassium soups and slow-simmered bone broths, are all exceptional approaches for well balanced hydration. Cautious use of Celtic or Himalayan salt can keep minerals levels steady too.