Onions are best known for two things: bad breath and tears. The popular vegetable found in most types of cuisine gives dishes their flavorful taste, transforming any meal to an aromatic experience. Raw onions not only provide an excellent taste for our palates, but provide therapeutic and antibacterial properties that cleanse and detox our bodies to eliminate disease.

In addition, onions have shown to be excellent for the heart, cholesterol levels, and arthritis. The sulfur and flavonoid content makes it fantastic for diabetics. Now let’s highlight some other medical problems that can be treated with the assistance of onions.

Clogged Ears
Start by getting rid of the soft core of the onion with the aid of a cloth and place it at the ear canal’s entrance. Keep in mind not to push the onion deep. Leave it overnight and remove it in the early morning. The onion will make the wax softer which suggests that you will be able to remove it in an easy and basic way.

In case you burn yourself, take an onion piece it and put it on the afflicted area (cut side down). You’ll get a fast relief.

Bug Bites
Wasps or bees can be deadly for people who are allergic to these bugs. If a bee stings you, attempt to get rid of the stinger initially. Once you eliminate it, take an onion, crush it and use it on the bothersome location. The swelling and the discomfort will be relieved immediately.

High Body Temperature level
Lots of grannies are still equipping socks with pieces of onions when their grandsons and granddaughters are handling high body temperature. This is not a surprise because this natural solution is working.

Lastly, onions can help the body’s effort to eliminate contaminants. But, in order to optimize the results, it is extremely advised it to utilize this veggie in a raw kind. This is among the simplest ways to remove toxins.

Follow these suggestions and you will eliminate lots of health concerns without fretting about side results.