Smoking is one of the most detrimental habits you can have, as it severely damages health and leads to various ailments.

More than 16 million Americans suffer from some health problems as a result of smoking, and for every individual killed by this deadly habit, at least 30 people live with a severe smoking related illness.

The cigarette smoke causes severe and irreversible damage to the lungs, so we strongly advise that you try to give up smoking, as it is never too late.

However, there is a completely safe, natural remedy which will help you cleanse the lungs of toxins and reduce the negative effects of smoking!

This beneficial drink contains three main ingredients, onion, ginger, and turmeric, which are all rich in healthy ingredients.

Ginger specifically is amazing for the lungs. It is a potent tool in detoxifying the lungs and the entire body! Tea made from a ginger root with lemon helps your breathing, and promotes the elimination of toxins from the respiratory tract. Smoking causes plaque build-up in the lungs and increases a person’s risk for many different types of cancer.

Studies have shown that the curcumin in turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and anti-toxicity properties. It can help remove harmful toxins from the body while protecting organs from further damage. Studies have found that certain flavonoid compounds, including catechin, quercetin, and epicatechin, may help to prevent lung cancer in tobacco smokers.

Onions are an excellent source of quercetin. This recipe is perfect for a passive smoker. It will rid your body of all the remaining toxins and gunk from smoking out of your body.

Recipe for this amazing natural remedy


– Ginger root – thumb size
– 250 g onion
– 2 ½ tablespoons of turmeric
– 1 l of water
– 350 g natural sweetener (xylitol, maple syrup, stevia, honey)


Put the water on heat and add the sweeteners and leave it to boil. The put the chopped ginger and onions. Leave it to boil one more time then put the turmeric and leave it on medium heat.

Leave it to boil until the amount evaporates to half of the one that you started with. After that strain the mixture and store it in a glass container. Let it cool and then put it in the fridge.


You should take this remedy twice daily, one tablespoon in the morning and one more in the evening, a few hours after the last meal.

This drink will be a perfect start for those who would like to quit smoking, and is in fact even more beneficial for ex-smokers. You will surely start breathing easily!