This natural homemade flea powder will help you get rid of fleas, ants, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and other bugs. Instead of using expensive commercial repellents packed with chemicals, you can now eliminate fleas and other bugs with a natural solution.

We have talked about the natural tick repellent in the past, but now we are revealing a very efficient homemade flea repellent that comes in the form of powder.

Many people don’t have problems with fleas until they move to a rural area or to an old house. These are the areas that fleas find attractive.

They are usually fond of cats and dogs. Have you seen a dog attacked by fleas? It looks terrible. The dog can’t stop scratching and biting itself. In the end, his skin becomes red and inflamed.

The first solution that a vet will recommend is to use some chemical flea repellent loaded with toxic elements. However, did you know that exactly these repellents are the number one cause of poisonings in pets? There is a reason why tick and flea repellents found in the stores have a special warning to stay away from this product because it can harm your skin.

You are probably wondering how this product can be so bad for the humans but good for animals. Well, we believe that it isn’t good for anyone.

So, it is the best idea to try everything else before you use these chemical-packed products. According to many pet owners the holistic approach is the best one because it provides complete solution in a natural way.

In this article we will reveal a natural flea powder that you can prepare at home. This powder has helped many people eliminate flea infestation.

The best part is that you will stay away from toxic chemicals. In addition, the flea powder is great for repelling and eliminating not just fleas, but flies, ticks, ants, mosquitoes, spiders and other insects too.

This is what you will need to prepare this incredible product!

The natural flea powder prepared at home consists of neem powder, diatom flour, eucalyptus oil and yarrow powder. It is interesting that all of these ingredients have been used as bug repellents in the past, but they are usually used alone not combined and mixed as this time.

Diatom Flour (food grade)

Also known as Diatomaceous Earth or DE, this substance is composed of fine, fossilized remains of aquatic organisms called diatoms. Diatoms are one of the most commonly found phytoplanktons in aquatic environments. Due to diatoms being silica-based, these DE particles are very sharp on a microscopic level. This lets them puncture an insect’s exoskeleton and cause death by dehydration. For humans and pets, however, DE particles feel like a fine baby powder and the food grade, freshwater variety of DE is harmless to them.

NOTE: Make sure the DE you get is “Food Grade.” Other varieties like Crystallized or Filter Grade DE can cause lung damage if breathed in over long periods of time. Food Grade DE, however, is processed differently and is safe for human consumption. That being said, if you foresee yourself using it for a long period of time (like on your yard), it’s probably best to wear a dust mask.

Neem Powder

Neem is an herb that has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It’s a highly effective insect repellant and contains many compounds that affect insects negatively. For instance, the active ingredient Azadirachtin inhibits the metamorphosis of insect larvae, which means larvae never get to develop into the next generation of fleas. Another compound, called salannin, has been shown to be as effective at repelling biting insects as DEET.

Yarrow Powder

Yarrow powder has been used by herbalists to treat wounds since ancient times. Many cultures regard it as sacred due to its healing properties. Yarrow is especially effective at treating skin inflammations, as well as having antimicrobial and pain relieving properties. Pets with flea bites often get secondary infections, and yarrow helps to ward off germs while soothing irritated skin.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is a natural bug repellant and, like neem, has also shown itself to be as effective as DEET when it comes to repelling insects. It’s also antiseptic properties to heal after being bitten.

Homemade Flea Powder Recipe:


– Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – 1 cup
– Neem Powder – 1/2 cup
– Yarrow Powder – 1/2 cup
– Eucalyptus Essential Oil* – 20 drops *omit if making for cats


Mix all ingredients together and put in a shaker top container. The best is to use a mason jar with a shaker top lid.

Apply from head to tail along your pets spine in dry conditions. Brush your pets fur going the opposite direction so the powder comes in contact with the skin. Avoid the eyes and nose. Rub the powder on the belly and legs. Try to get the flea powder on as much skin as you can.

Brushing the fur in the opposite direction and applying the flea powder with a cosmetic puff works really well.

How often to apply flea powder?

If you are using this powder as an ordinary repellent to get rid of a few fleas, you can use it once in 30 days when the fleas are active (spring and summer). In case the pet is bathing or gets wet for some other reason, you will need to use the repellent again.

There is a different procedure in cases of flea infestation. Namely, in situations like this, you will have to use this powder more frequently. The use is related to the intensity of infestation. Some people use it 3-4 times a week, until the fleas are completely gone. Others were able to eliminate the infestation by using this remedy once a week. Once again, it is very important to use the powder again in case the dog or cat gets wet.

In case you are dealing with flea infestation, you’ll have to put some of this powder on the windows, floors, pet bedding, door sills, sofa and other places. Obviously, you should focus on the areas where your dog or cat usually sits and relaxes. Don’t forget that fleas as well as their eggs are found in these areas too. Simply use a small amount of this powder there and let it stay for at least 12 hours (overnight). Use a vacuum cleaner in the morning. Perform this procedure once a week for one month in case of flea infestation.

There is no doubt that flea powder does an incredible job. However, don’t expect good results right away in case you are dealing with infestation. Be patient and be disciplined. Follow the tips we have shared in this article and the repellent will eventually provide the wanted results.

As we already said, this natural flea powder is good not only against fleas; it works against ants, ticks, spiders and mosquitoes too.

If you put this powder close to the sills of your windows and doors you will keep the insects out of your home.

Remember that this is a holistic approach advised by many holistic veterinarians. There are few other natural ways to eliminate fleas and insects from your home and pets, so feel free to try these repellents too. The holistic approach guarantees a complete solution without harming your pet, yourself or the environment.

Final note: Is It Safe to Use Diatomaceous Earth?

Let’s be clear, there are rumors related to food grade diatom flour. The rumors claim that this ingredient is bad for the lungs in case someone breaths the flour. However, this is only true when it comes to filter grade or crystallized diatomaceous earth. These varieties can lead to silicoses (a well-known disease) in case you are breathing this substance for a long time.

However, food grade diatom flour is completely harmless, so stick to the food grade variety. This specific kind of diatomaceous earth is processed and comes in a different form compared to other varieties. Every agency evaluating these substances has confirmed that food grade diatom flour is perfectly safe and you can even consume it without any problems.

Just like any product that comes in the form of powder, it is a good idea to use a dust mask while you are using because it can lead to coughing.