We all sometimes eat when we’re not actually hungry. Whether we’re aware of that, or not, we let food get in our stomach without even realizing that. If it’s only occasionally it’s not that bad. But, this becomes like an every day habit for many of us and that becomes not only a threat for our appearance, but what is more important, for our health too.

Женска уста

Here are the main reasons why we all sometimes eat without even being hungry:

  1. A holiday or a special occasion. Well, let’s admit, there can be special occasions pretty often with all the people we know around. Birthdays, weddings, gatherings, holidays… Every day can be a special occasion!  And not only food, here is the alcohol too!
    Advice: Holidays don’t have to be a green light for overeating. Remember, parties and gatherings are for you to actually see your friends, not for the food. Just try to control yourself and do not exaggerate with the portions.  Не заборавајте на контролата и не претерувајте со порциите.
  2. You are thirsty. Many people can not distinct hanger from thirst and tend to eat when all they need is a glass of water.
    Advice: Next time you feel hunger hunger , drink a glass of water and wait some 10 minutes. If you still feel like you’re hungry, then feel free to eat!
  3. You are stressed, nervous, angry, lonely… After a fight with someone you immediately seek for a chocolate. After a stressful day at work you sit in front of the TV and get any snack to keep you company. We have all been sometimes victims of emotional eating, but food doesn’t eliminate problems.
    Advice: Before you head to the fridge, first ask yourself if you are really hungry, or the stress activates your need for food. Think which of your emotions are your Achilles heel. Once you discover, it will be easier for you to react as you should in those situations. To free your self of ’emotional hunger’ better talk to your best friend for some 10 minutes, go for a walk, or visit the gym.
  4. You are hungry, but for a nap. It is a fact that the hunger is stronger and harder to control when you haven’t had enough sleep. The lack of sleep decreases the level of leptin which is a hormone that helps regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger.  Advice: Tend to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
  5. The good is light in calories. You have admit, it does calm you when you read on the packing ‘low in calories’, or ‘light’… and it welcomes you to take a few more bites. But you have to remember that these products aren’t made without any calories.
    Advice: Limiting the portions and controlling the number of meals is a must, no matter what kind of food are you eating.
  6. You are bored. Common scenario: a rainy day, you are at home and doing practically nothing. So the path to the fridge is a way to feel the time, but also.. your stomach! Boredom is a receipt for extra calories! Advice: Find some activities, like reading a book for example..
  7. The food is simply in front of your eyes. You didn’t think of eating a cookie after your meal, but it was simply in front of you, on the table! It’s indeed not easy to resist.
    Advice: Away from the eyes, away from your mouth!