When spring arrives, it is very common that almost everyone starts thinking about their body and losing weight. It’s not a secret that the most problematic parts are the parts of a woman’s body – the hips and thighs which are the most difficult ones to remove their excess of centimeters.

Combine these three things: regulate the daily intake of calories, drink plenty of water and start doing some effective exercises. And soon you will remove the fat from the inner and outer part of you thighs.

You can do this exercises at home!

You really do not have to go to the gym at all, because here the suggested complex of exercises can be performed at the comfort of your own home! We guarantee you that for only 12 minutes a day you’ll get minus 1 inch in your hips and thighs a week! It will not be easy, but your body will be grateful definitely, and you will have more self-confidence.