You have prepared and prepared potato chips so many times, for birthdays, celebrations, movie nights… Now you want to finally surprise your family and your guests too with something different, and still tasty and crispy. You even want to change the full with calories potato chips with something lighter and calorie free? Here are some perfect vegetables that could be the answer of your needs.


Recipe 1: Taro Chips

It’s time for you to learn about another amazing vegetable: taro. This vegetable’s root looks seems so similar to the potato, till its skin is removed. Than you can see its beautiful and creamy flesh pattern that has purple lines all over. This vegetable is perfect for making tasty and crispy chips just like we can do it with the potato.
For this recipe you will be needing a pastry brush.

What you need:
– Olive oil
– ½ medium taro
– Salt
– Black pepper

1. Preheat the oven.
2. Peel the taro root. Slice it in rounds as for any classic chips. Put the thin slices onto a baking sheet that would be already smeared with olive oil. The slices should not overlap, because otherwise they will stick one with each other. Also brush the slices with the olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Bake the taro chips about 12 minutes. The edges of the slices should curl up a bit and that way you will know when chips is ready to be taken out of the oven. Add salt immediately let the chips cool before serving.

Recommendation: With the taro chips it would be really great to serve some sauce, such as tartar, for example. It’s easy to prepare and really, really delicious. Just mix mayonnaise with any of these ingredients: gherkins, lemon juice, capers. Instead of gherkins many people also use chopped pickles. Anything that sounds and looks delicious is great, just mix the ingredients and here is your perfect addition for this great snack!

Tip: The cooler the chips gets, the crispier it will become, so it’s better to wait 5-10 minutes before serving the taro chips.


Recipe 2: Carrot chips

Another great vegetable for making crispy and tasty chips is the carrot. Why not serve it especially for people who are healthy food lovers!? Surprise everyone and yourself!

What you need:
– Carrots
– Olive oil (about ½ teaspoon)
– Black pepper (It’s tastier with freshly ground)
For preparing carrot chips you will also need vegetable peeler

1. Turn the oven on (to 350 degrees).
2. With vegetable peeler cut the carrots into Y shaped strips.
3. The strips of the carrot should be first sprinkled with oil, salt and pepper, and then placed onto baking sheets.
4. The necessary time for baking the carrot chips would be around 12 to 13 minutes in already preheated oven. After 6 minutes of baking rotate the strips and bake them for another 6 to 7 minutes. This kind of chips can be stored in a fridge up to 5 days after cooking it. Just make sure you put it in a dry place.

Recommendation: As the carrots are light vegetable, it perfectly fits with any kind of meat. If you prepare it just to serve as a snack, than grab a beer from the supermarket and enjoy it’s unique taste.

Tip: If you don’t have a vegetable peeler, than just pick the bigger sized carrots and cut them in round slices, just like you do with the potato.